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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  February 13, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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there's a little weather distutlance. for those in the south it wasn't a little. an hen you get six inches of sn in parts of alabama, mississippi and down. the remnants is pulling off coast and we have clouds from that. if you take a look at our hd doppler radar, at the south, an attevt of a sno11howepet m -t is evaporating before it hits the ground. we're kind of in the outer fringes of that storm, so we're seeing the cloud dthik and agai that attempt at a couple of flurries or snowshower. mostly on the sssi mar us county and lower delmarva peninsula. but, again, not very sout nificant. we mout ht see a little more in the mountains during the day trounay, but essentially not a hufpblge threat. monday d -- huge threassi monday and tuesday a dinch story. >> it came down without a warnin 1 this morning, residents are concerned that the porch that
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collapsed under the wovaght of the snow may not be the last to fall. >> it's stressful for those folks. and add an unplowed street. no way for emergency vehicles to get tuntaough. john has that story. >> here in thepc900 block of oak fort avenue, the people are thrying to be understanding. but this is com we tetely ualacceptable. the street is entirely ivassablmer and they say tuntae times since the snow stopped falling they've needed to get emergesouy vt'icles tuntaough here. the latest earlier today when that roof collapsed on that porch with three people trapped under it. >> this is a mess. an e could not get out. >> there's a small section ewleared now. but only bthiause of what happened at marlo hills home late friday afternoon. >> on the inside of the house, i heard the noise. i thohe mht the ice fell off th poich. >> it was the porch itself, and three pef ole were sitting unde
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it when it fell. >> my wife, brother in-law and d threghter were t, underneath the porch. couldn't get them out. >> when i looked out the an inartw, i saw the porch collapse and i heard some ng. ole screa- i suted we've got to go next door because the porch ewollapsed. >> novaghbors did the best they could to get the victims out from under the porch. >> all my family came running out. my d threghters and all them, t lift it had porch up and they got the lady and the gentleman out first. they didn't see the other lady behind there. the my nnnit door novaghbor pulled the porch off the laid in the yt back. >> but the street was impassic yle for the ambulance and programmed yakes. >> the ambulance cou2-n't get artwn here. they had to park down. >> now, penc we te here are doi what. snow off, but that could easily
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ew threse another emeallen here. fortunately, the victims here did not sout nfer life-threaten injuries. >> what's i think going to takmer for police to die? i know they're saying they are doing all they can. but they cou2- have very well came through here. >> you can see from looking at the porches in the surrounding house, this house is not unique at all in terhere. snow on the porch. everyone here worried that their house mout ht be nnnissi >> baltimore county fire officials have identified the man who was killed while trying to repair a front-end loader. 46 in-ear-old marlapsn garcia w pronousoued dead on thursday. he went to the gas station to use a frontsnd loader to free his snow-bound car. fire officials say a support arm fell on him. right now, crews are working to clear the snow for many of
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baltimore side streets. some neighborhoods are now seeing a military style f oeratiocu it's the so-called plow surge, powered by city-paved prilurte cont, the man in charge of the operation told the mayor even his housing inspectors were getting stuck. >> i told the mayor, our story, and she was a lit ase bit lived and said, well, we need to get something done ic yout this. >> similar prow surges have been mapped out all across the ewity. the mayor's spokesman says they're needed because the snow has taken serah a hhe me toll o the city's fleet. as of yesterday, more than 50 ewity trerathat made the reput 17 have failed altogether. the bout dout out continues fo ãwe tocal school districts hopi to get buses back on the roads and sidewalthat cleared for students and staff to return next week. jane joins us live now from baltimore city with more on that. it's notogeust the schools that
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need to be cleared. it's also the bus stops to make it safe for kids. >> there's a whole lot that surrounds this whole issue. the gand il is to get city scho and in the surrounding jurisdictions open by t wisday. monday is a holiday which gives everybody a break. so everywhere trounay in the ci and probably in the surrounding counties you're going to see an hatid,ou see here bt'ind mme and that is a whole lot of work being done to clear parking lots, we are joined by the 2011's school system chief ope, officer. keith, tell me the size of this task. you've got a bunch of parking lots you've got to clear and sidewalks around the schools. >> we have 178 bui2-ings. we have a lot of schools with very large lots. similar to this one. particularly our high schools. there are scout alof ther. so we have a tremendous job ahead of us. we've got 460 custed toians oussi an e've got our grounds crew, o
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rehair shops. >>id,ou don't have a snow removal crew per se. aim correct? >> we have everyone else who an orthat here. they do double duty. >> and one of the guys in one of these te gcks bt'ind us says i'm really the exterminator. alating e's something else. the concern is that you want to have sidmorealthat as clear as possible. you don't want kids hurt. >> thaore cis rout ht. so iore cis a real thndertaking but our custed toians are doing a greatogeob at all of our r thools, clearing the sidewalks, clearing pathways the ent, and the driveways. so our job is to clear as much of the lot as possible and as assist in terms of the sidewalthat , partitermlarly bm the plowg schools, tremendous amount of sidewalks. >> kovath has agreed to stay with thels so in the next half hour we'll talk about what we ewan do to help you folthat ou
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>> jane, thank you. and baltimore cityogeust about . out of space to push and pile the snow. so where is it all going? david collins looked into that q wistion and has an answer for us. >> you want it to be like kicking off the cdy ers. this rmenord snow blanket needa to go. but where? pushing and piling it some places is no longer an option. and baltimore city, where wide f oen space is limited, there's the inner harbor. truck after te gck dumped the ãwe tand id here at peerai, mor than taxis at pen station. the city rmenovaved special permission. one potential unintended consequence is that the city is creating a hazard for boat traffic. >> what happens when it freezes and starts out to the bay? >> it cou2- stay together like an icebeall. it's not so bag if it's a few
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inches thick, but this cou2- really c threse a problem. wellor, for some of these , >>id,ou have to navout atith >> that's correct. you have to try to go around issi i wouldn't try to go through it if it's frozen. >> the airpoit's has been thsing what's called snow dragons. feed snow into this beast and it turns to water. the state highway administration wants dibs on ther. so far no decisions have been made public. in the meantimmer sha is now icing snow collected on to the highway on to state-ohe hed land. this appears to be two stories high and climbing. a b ths2-ozer even strigh gles to push it. each truck carries 20 tons every half houaz since noon thuro tay. a lot of this is coming from 67 695. ff> emeallen you have to make sure they're safe. and some of the ramps, the snow is not clear on them.
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>> and we have continuing cove, 2010. it's on our website. you can find out why drivers sho thsd still use caution on the roadways and why home ohe hers have a respons >> ility too the storm. all on our website. >> and the time is 9:09. 26 degrees. still ahead, dr. kim hammond is ploead with a beautif ths ewhocolate lab. >> plus live to a kwlvention ewenter for the motor trend international auto show. >> and baltimore magazine is out with its list of the best place to work in maryland. >> first, looking at a live picture from the sky scar. snow flurries in the picture today. john has more in the formenasssi
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>> we've had some nice sump, tempe, freezing point. we have clouds and temperatures in the moment at the 20s, but we expment to get a little warmer. and taking a look, there's a ãwe titlacee batch of snow. the energy has picked up a bit. the storm south is p thsling off shore. that's the one that pulled the s we ff off to the south. a bad storm for them. for georgia and alabama, that's as bad as our 30 i a hes of snow, because it throws them for a loop. but we are getting some snow into southern maryland. henesn't amount to merah. the air is pretty dry, so a lot of that arks espmenot olly on t northern fringes is evaporating. let's look outside rout ht now an ith our sll a c to b v no ovt there's the snowy roofs and streets that we're beginning to see the pavement herith but huge piles of snow. they're not going away bmen thr
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our tempe, colder than usual. s,8 at the inner harbor. rowy atmosen so it's hard for those to make it hard to the ground without + tsappearing. 2971. the barometer is low and h.orthwest winday, ra to sc6. there will be a bit of a breeze. and that wil.make it feel ewhilly. and because we won't see nearly as merah sun, it will feel co2-er. let's take a look at some of the other tempe, the area. annapolis it's 30. cambridgeour2. on the band ih itwa. parkton and sturetstown 25. it's in the teens at frostbuall and mchenry rout ht now. beautiful satellite picture. this is the storm that ripped throigh h the south and snow an ice. and this one hung south, didn't come thp the cand ist. but it's a similar type of
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storm and getting wound thp. here's the eye and some pretty heavy rain activity out over the ocean there. ã 3 of this thing. there's the low pressure center itself. and we'll pull the view back ths ust a litlacee if we can. h.ot merah to the west until we get to the system up in the northern plains. and it's not very impressive looking now. iore cis a clipper that cos onng out and visit us late monday on to tuesday. mostly cloudre. a fm hagy of snowshower. most south or west, not of any ewonseesdence. 30 to aour5 for the high today. a storm off the pacific, mdy in on to the ping ific northwest. here's the vancouver area. maybe they'll get some snoovat n for the various venues at the vancouver. 5showwith perioday, of rnow.n a wind. higher elevations, they may have some fm hag no s but a lot
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rain there, too. temperature only 41. and westpsnancouver, 4ifi periif so it's kind of wet out in the ping ific northwest. our ohe h formenast, with that storm system that is expected to come in, can't get this thing to advance off this particular forecast so we'll ths ust have to l26e -- there w go. 32 today, 35 tomorrow. the difllire a e is we see more sun tomorrow. but late monday into tuesday, an e cou2- see snow and some periods of light to moderate snow which cou2- g26e us s. before it's over. we're not talking feef l talkin inches herith and then dry conditions wednesday, ty rrsnd ff> in this morning's consumer alert yet another recall for to issi this time, it is theclear010 to tacoma. about 8,000 of the pickup
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trerathat have a problem and a crack could cause the driver to lose control. toitha has alreae. rmenalled 8. and million verks for faulty gas pedals and b, if you ldy e cars and ldy e to see them, dry to make it downtown for the auto shoovat it's theclear26eshowmotor trend international auto show at the ewonvention center. and steve joins us live from there. i betoff ou thatoff ou are gn.n be floif cabin fever who now want s ff> we are reae. for everyboe.. we have been preparing all week and the shomake i are ope mc >> how did they get all those vehicles in there? >> thaore cis a good qof wstio c ff> we broigh ht them in early monday and ended up having them sttated in a separate hal.and brought them in after the show was ready. ã 3 thp getting the show ready and been working
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straight through the week. ff> now, is this really on a lo of levels, showcase the 2010 andclear26e1psnehicles and fof effic no nt tmenhnology. tell us about that. >> we have lots of s ewrossdy ertre a lot of new fue efficient technology out here. ford has a great dis we tay wit everybody here where everybody here is modeling the nmoreest a the besssi so every display here has something new and exciting to seith ff> and the nice thing is it's one stop shop. indoors. you have apsnar no highe ofpsnp can you buy there? >>off ou canhe v buy here butof can shothe sand do all the buyi experiences, and then go back tooff our neighborhood dealersh and decide which one you want. but it's a great place to shoth and compare and have a great fun fam lujancht. >> canoff ou tell ths here. teen sntoety tmenhnology that i guess ford is unveiling, which allows parents to set tdy e spe
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and audio limits on cars. >> right. the ford has nmore tmene. that they are here to explain how it worthat . and basicallyoff ou can kind of monitor your teen and set standards for the fu performance on the roais u and many other manufacturers have the s to be type of technolo3 . it's an exciting thing to see both for the parents and the kids. >> i don't know how exciting that would be for them. but iore cis dcolinitely eaveit for the parents. good luck with the john slornggetiouvenuon slaigh get t you'll probably have today. >> from the best cars to the ã 3 baltimore magazine is standing by with the fu lisssi >> pm htre still time to get yo sweetie something for ve ideasfor thust ahead. >> and dr. kim hammond is here f wstiois u
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>> welcome bing up next week, like it or not, rou're back to worup ondidoff our workplace m sle baltimore magazine's best we ting es to n yrk? al.the lists and all the information, chris teen nice to seeoff ou. ff> you worked hard on this. how did you gather the information andiouvenuyou donhe rank them butoff ou list a numb of them. >> right. we got the list down toclear0. what we do is talk to people in the business commuore cishighe. so we talk to rmenruitertre tal to people, business leaders, ond. of course we talk to employees about what they like and donhe ãwe tike here. >> we listed a few of them. not in order but we selment add ãthermore based on some of the
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you like about them. one of them is ascend one. which i believe employees, about 750 folks. and whatoff ou lasfe here. what we love is how you list it, it lets employees work from anywhere. and four weeks of vacation. >> they can earn up to four wes ofs in the fu f fustoff ear. they have a nice vacation package. ff> tc13 tion assista a ith and ahenption assistance. what does that mean? ff> we see that a lot with the larger companies, that they're increasingly offer that. they will g26eoff ou money toward, to help offset the cost of adoption, thsually between $2,00showto $5,like. >> you also list new star energy. about tha o >> this is a great company that manages to give emplot ses the benefits of a small compaasi bu they also have some of the great thing that is a large coometany can offer. they're a small division of a laple er compaasi thaore cis ba
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san antonio. and they're a petroleum -- liquid sto, eo they have the big tanks you wouldn't necessarily expect them to be on this lisf l but they're there because at that facility thef l ve got this gre te to b, small f to bily feel. yet with great benefits. they have a nice penuston pla mc they have profitiou- >> you can say it there. >> they have a nice bonus plan that lastoff ear paid out about 8% of salary. and iore cis acrof a s the ber the company meets their goal. >> and no layoffs. ff> thaore cis beel. ff> thaore cis been a big one t and employees appreciate that. they when times are slow, the company will find work for them to do that hels e thewant. >> that's big. you also like north rupgrumnd, dohich i bel no ve is in? ff> they're electronics system sector. and they do a nicefor thunv wit mentoring, helping employees find their career path.
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a lot of proase to bs in place. and they also have those great benefits that those corporatiois u adoption e assistance,. >> home owners discounf l flex time. subsidized backup child care and adult care. >> for e0ser carvenuy which is becoming increasingly important. ff> thnder armor, of course iore ci dohat we've all lived in during the blizzard but you thithey h a aseeat place to worup you love the employee discount. >> thaore cis one of the things. this isfor thust a great exciti company i think the biggest thing they have to offer or one of the biggest is the culture. it's a very exciting cof the w thght have an iis u and that passion kind of trickles dow mc ff> bencolittre stock optiois u home bine buying. and the all iometortant casual ondress cif there's so much more in here. it's a terrific eo.tion. you did a greatfor thunv report on this. thank you for joiore cisng ths.
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>> andoff ou can see more of th best places to work and check out the tdy e sin tes in ã 3 that's always fun to look at. pick up this issof w of baltimo macond.d cne. don't go away. dr. kim answers your pet
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>> welcome back. and joining us to answer pet ingof wstiois u ten-month-old lab. a good looking dog. >> he as little chocolate lhere. he was about 15 weeks old, he
9:28 am
ate a raw hide and got it stuck in his stomach. they're classic puppies their whole l26es. rou have to be prepared. his feet are really big. >> he's still got height and ãwe tength, and fill in for ano year and a half. he's gof wsng to be a beel one. >> they gull p the fwork d down >> yep. f wstiois u then we'll talk about the weather. we have a one-year-olet a 13-pound? skiperki. it wants to play in the snow. what's the sntoe amount of time it's colry there's all that stuff out there. >> tn y parts to this ais u first, that means captain of the sh you . the deal is that these ds really, you kind of have to watch them. e colder a lit quicker. they hurt their paws.
9:29 am
e more f, lit not terre for all dogs. jack russell terriers can go through everythina a so i gof wss the idea for the appropriate amount of time is yoyeehave to wa. andh i o if your dog is in a certain environment where it's a ehosfer timith but if they're reluctant, lifting their paws. >> the snow cutting the fu fee o >> we're seeing now almost an epidemic. the top part has a cerrst and they're sheering off the sides, the skin on the sides of the fu esaws. and really the treatment, you don't have to run tooff ourelse. rou can do some f fust aid. wrap it up, stop the bleeding. iheirs gof wsng to take a week hea r just be patient. >> they do need boots. ff> they dab >> hermore is another somewhat related thing. my ds hat cng an issue with extremely dry skin. ind,now fi can i g26e them the human form,
9:30 am
1200 million grams? >>off ou can g26e that to thewa you're probably going to have what i would call propuls26e ethrcuatiois u ff> ok. not a good thing. >> yeaepi even the best house-t, might not make it. >> what i would r out ommend fo this, go seeoff our seat b out some could be a mite. 13 ckly,off ou can go to theelset, to the pharmacy, get some bath oil, mix a capful in a gallon of water and mist it on yoush dog. that's a good emolynt. rmofiona beb.y oil. ideoff ou do a cupful, you're going to have a limp dog. >> they say, the s to be prsh d we have. >> a dry environment in the housith ff> iheirs nt oy out reelht now. >> thanks for joining us this mornina a etay with ths. we'll have more coming up.
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>> live in the parking lot of a to hahighe schwork aw a nmore m on to get schools ready to op on tof wsday.
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>> welcome bing k toaw 1 neist saturday morning. let's take another lwork k outu3 c withfor thohsea >> you were talking about valentine's day coming thp and all tha o >> coming up. tomorrow. >> don't forge o ff> we have a fea we re coming >> and you need to go shopping. >> i've got a speto haal thing here. >> ok. >> so take one. >>off ea. >> there we gab so we have our little valentine's day for out as o e chillnee udtre a lit but tomorrow we should see more suis u and as we tske a lwork k at som of the details here of this forecast, here we gab ide iheirs gof wsng to be a mor brunch, temperature will be a lis2le below freezina a if iheirs going to be a mid day rendevous, we could be just here. tina a and back into the below freezing category for a late zeelthe si dinner. be prepared. and have a happy valentine's onday. ing more ill have the for out a next few days.
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after valentine's day, iheirs colfng thon' ff> the school systems how to get the buzzes safely rolling. ff> and the sidmorealthat reta clearing for students returning to schwork r ãwe t3 ae with more on tha o >> good morning. i've got my ears covered so i can hear you b out wanse there' lot going ofpblet on every schwork l lot, notfor thust in ? wity but apfoss the region today, and tomorrow, and ãaionx et which is a holiday, youses give everybody an extra day. rou be.see thisnd,ind of m err lots and sidewalks clearly, ã goal is to get schools open on tuesday. jof wsore cisng me is the chief s roerating officer of the city schools, keith. c is is aaw 2-hoare shi s roeration. am i correct? >> yes, it is. eveg. day,aw
9:35 am
ctre and we possibly will extend it as we get closer to tof wtieay. ff> let's talk here. property. you are deterlfned to get the >> lhools in gosy shape. but you look around not just the citet but all arounry some sidmorealks are not in gre shape. the mta bus stos e, the seeln's there, but what can folks do that to really help out to make it as set se as p's dusturee fo on tuesday? because nothing is going to ãout wproppen between now and t to make the snow go away. >> eng what we do isour - i thi what we do is follow the mayor's lead in asking the ? wommuore cisty to shove.its ustc13 cwa. by helping to dig out some of the bus stos e so that thend,id can be picked up and dropped off safely. >>off ou have somend,ids that g by yellow bus, some that go by mta, somend,ids wal sod, some get nt os roped off. what will the expectation be
9:36 am
for parents? ing hat are you telling them? tuesday morning, you're going to find this whenoff ou tg. to getoff ournd,id to schwork r >> we're going to make sure that the schwork l lottre the ustc13 cwa. clear so that the kids can eet sely enter the schwork and we're hoping that the kids won't have to wa. streets b out wanse the neighborhood sidewalks are full of snow. ing e think that wouerat be a r safety issue, and we're hoping that the peo we te wil.come out ehovel thes ee sidmorealth it safe for kids going to >> lhool. >> i thi is one thing is certain, based on what we've seen over the last fmore daze x ha. the more people get out, the thicker t, we esx y the fs eest normal day in, what, seven, acght days. and with schwork ols ope dog b prepared to be patient and take a lot of ext, ing hereoff ou're gof wsng tues morning. reporting live tsyayfor thayne
9:37 am
ãaiiller, wba.tvaw 1 nmores. >> carol county does not start until wednetieay. and tof wtieay is gof wsng to b dependent on what kind of snow ing e get monx y into tof wtiea >> ifoff our car is still stuck in the snow or you rely on venublic t, to listen here. >> absolutely. ãaita is still to recove from the blizzor and is only operating on 40%. wining ths lwora l gwork d mocleinicke >> good morning. >> what is the situation on areoff ou guys having to physically remove the snow from the tracks? >> we are on oare metro s hatem above ground, having some issues with to get the snow out. typically we run what we call snow trains thatnd,eep the snow ? wlear andnd,eep it off the tracks. but this type of snow, at some venof wsntoff ou have to remty because there's nor for -- no where for the t, the snoill s so we're trying to get service
9:38 am
ã 3 that brinning people into the underground station. n> so wha bus the sta we s of yoare bus service? what percentage of the buses are runore cisng? n> we're at here. steadily growing to 100%. and we exp out t to be ataw ryi ãaionday. i just spoke with our service quality ckehopiuston tsyay and thegrowre saying we're bringing five lines back every fmore hoares. and tha bus through working with the city and doing some plowing ourselves. ã areas where we can't get buses td tough and we have some carep that are still in the way that won't allow the buses to mty ie thro lh. >> what you are urging people to do? n> with the t, website. go to our website or contact ? wustomer information. or they can call us.
9:39 am
to get speto hafic itomorormati thes ee route to move one place to the next. rmr certainly, when dealing wit busetre i suggest people to go to major arteries because the secondary roand t still have problems and cars in the way. >> thankoff ou so mucart we aevenreto haate ill i >> thanks for having me. >> good luck getting ththe stoaw ryi% therith a tough job. we want to let you know that we ãout wave continuing cty iering blizzor of 2010 on our website. there you can find out why inriverep shoof the d still thse caution while on the roadways and wing home owners do have a re ouonustsafe lity after the s too. shorm on money and t goid o no proureem. we've got you covered with valentine's day gift e lgestiois u n> first, a possible link between napping and diabetes. nehe w.
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>> ty ge a quick look at our radar, that storm to the south ãout was produced six to s. inches of snow in some of the southern states is pof the ling rmff we're on the north erges. also a disturbance in the great la sos. eo seeing some attempts of showers south of baltimore. southecle marylanry the air is really dry. there are no reports down there of anynd,ind of fe on rry a yow or anything. so the assumption itre b out wa at least wmore ire not getting feedback that's evaporating before it hits the grounry eo wmore ill leave a chanc. that disturbance up in the great ly ges is td towing some e we ff into the mountains our northwest. and something may sney g over today. we'll see a lot of clouds. ãaiaybe a fmore sun brey gs. not the end of the world by any stretch. this is the easy one. the for out ast is pressiy good. 27 at the airport. inner harncr 28. it clo nayor tsyay.
9:43 am
just as cold as the past couple da ha but it so it seem coerater. humidity way down. so that's impeding the chauge that we couerat even get flurries. a little bit of a breeze rthwest. 9 with gusclo to 16 miles an hour. sampling of tempe, the arempe cambridge at freezing. 29 ocean city. ? whesterto- nuc6. edgeifsy 27. parkton, west minister, 23 han ? k. 19 frostburg. so you get to the higher e vations they are a lit ? e lcher and may see a lit better chance for snowshower a yoworit27 that a d tha w and the skiers are having a ball this year. here's the satellite pic we re. here's that stopeople that ripp across the south. and this one d a nur come thp the c 2st. this is the kind of thing that eomet goies wil.and gwore ths fits. this one stays south.
9:44 am
so all the actwority is over th atlantic. we're picking up some of that storm activiur st cust the clo chepf, reall27 and again, that attempt at a few flurrs. something eols a l in the thevener midwest a clipper that will be coming oare way in the n. 2t 48 hoares or suth. let's look at the immediate forecast. mostly clo nay tsyay. s ulurry or snowshower. 35 for the high. etill below normal. normto thest winds. here's what that clipper will look like on sunx 27 etting closeou co into the mississippi and ohio river valle ha. ãaity ies to the east late in t day. it starts to throw some s we ff our way. this computer model talks about a mix of precipitation in the ã 3 other models keep that mix south and make it more of a snow thing. these storms are not really wet so they don't generally pro rec a lur of snow when they do com through. so we're not looking at an3 hhing lneye the last cou pie of storms at all. but it does extend snow chauges
9:45 am
for snone. morning. our forecast, maybe a fe on upy tsyay, an outustche chaugith mostly a lot of clouds. partly clo nay tomorrow. 32. snow showers developing monday, periods of snow monx y nble ht, tuesday mor to ng, then goes away. 30 the high. rble now now wmore ire saying . iughes is a possibility. we'll have to leave it at thall wednesx y, t mrepx stu frix y look dry and stays cold. >> there's nothing that many venour w pie li so better than a nice afternoon inner loop. a new s we dy is out, and i bus -- c. >> most of us know it's best to get s.
9:46 am
sloo at but if you don't, get a nap. that may not be truith a nay ls the sod at the e. of day napping obhealth. >> whether necping iugreased wbetes.shinof d- >> did it? >> it did. the longer, wou nec dareing the x y, the higher your risk of developing diabetes in the s uutareith >> researchers also found that other sleep habits were also ãpiin sod to a hble her risnoth such as sleeping less than five hours a nble now . ãaiichelle was a registered ditition at mercy, a nutrition, and d-wbetes e recatorep ehe found the itomorormati interesting and useful. >> after reais ang the s we hav ifutrd say definitely no nappin during the day. and if you are, less than one hoare. but tying that into a health per ou out t, wi, i wouerat ha focus on calorie intack, focusing on decreasing body mass ind. 2.
9:47 am
because the s we havin talked a with increase activity there ã has a d out rease ris sod in developing diabetes. >> and joining us live now witmp ãaiore itomorormation. good morning. and thank you for coming in. ã he ecpr out -wte ill i this is terrible news, that regular napping is not good for you. ? wan we talhinnxout wing that i? >> sure. in a recent s we havin they fou that daytime necping more than one hour increased your risk of cheveloping d-wbetes in the s uuture. >> why? >> they did nur ls thek at a c per se. it was more for study. they were looking at whether just the fnoot that yohionap increased your risk of diabetes. thyou alreahavinnd,new that sl less than five hours at night increased ill i so they d out aed to ls thek at napping. >> so when they discovered that out eeping less than fwore ho at night might increase the risk, did they find a cver se f
9:48 am
that? >> they have several possible causes. but there's nur hing tha bus been firmly documented. >> are they looking at peopla l ã hhen they wha e thp and eat bthat a food choices? anything like that? >> in the s we havin they d a ls thek at bmi and exercise. the one thing they found was that those that had a hble her bmi as well as those that had increased rishinof d-wbetes aol tended to have a higher bmi as well as less physical activity as well as hble her calors. intake. sor they're thinking that rehavilar necperep aols o are, ? wecer sidesing as much. >> that's true. pegenle that tha e a nec on average tend to have more calories. they aols o note that had those who tenched to bp were older men. >> all rignow . well, tha and e, wou so m otart and i think we've all found
9:49 am
that to be true. if, wou have any other questions, call. and it's not too late to get evour sweetie something for valentine's day. we've got a few ideas for you when we come bnoonoth erer out ts a look at last nigh winning lottery numbers. ereep, wou win. sl hgene, wou win and never ha to shovel snow again.
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9:51 am
>> welcome bnoonoth ãaier to ngs are expected to sp more than $14 billion on valentine's day this, wearep the retail federation survey found men out ouend ifmenuc-1
9:52 am
ã hhen it comes to valentine's. when it comes to the gifts on alorlentin out ts x found f dbesno nbeli. >> joining us with some really gohey gus lt icheas. t ati bet pour w pie are be crazy today, because we're co aieng out of this and everyo is forgetting that tomorrow is the 14th. e cnxin f. tus lt ideas. and buying local. buustnesses have really eufferery >> that's what i wanted to say first. all of these are from owned boutiques at the station and it's poncht to sthink-ort, local estnxli the targets and best buys, they w, michii,n.rn- they have all the places that are still with no snow. so whatever, wou can do to suevenort the locally owned. >> let's start with the red lang ray. >> this is a beautiful swing top. from fre ã hha bus sotreat, this is easy for a man to buy. he gets a lit e nervous for
9:53 am
venarechasing for a woman, but it's quite versatile. jeans. ã 3 eveis?thin as >> it's great. >> she loved these. it has tif funhavin s. a fabulous look, and then watches as well. f d> these aredayery gohey deal. $28 at craft concept. you can't go wrong witmpa clutch. this is from an incredible designer out of new york. an aa an this is an easy item for them to pick out. f d> cfound the cfound >> exactly. we've got amazing bronoohes. this has come back in fashion. >> i know. deborah. bmnnus ler. this is from bejew and this is from trill ym. f d> there was a t the le when ã 3 to too well. f d> exahavin ly. but theyay i
9:54 am
bus fashionable. >> i think a great way to go ã hitmpmen is bs theks. ind,now my huswe'vnd, for instance, can't get enough itomorormation on wine, so this a great one called the wine bible. treat thehes interest and a ncok that fits their interests. this book is incrediblith f dbeswhat is thicte f d> "new york times," complete front pages from the stac13 aecehe. >> i love that. that's a great book. treat for men,treat for teeno ters because it's a history lesson. >> l fue the nmores yum in a bs >> exactly. >> there's some sort of crime eo pie can cver lk by you and get your credit card numbers. f d> eeas havin ly. >> they ca, wot with this money clip because of the special way it's mthat a ith f dbesthe james bond money clip >> exactly. >> and tha leasaree of evour compathat a as well, . and they have it in a wallet s uorm, ts the. f d> le pe this for thend,ids. >> me too.
9:55 am
arese.ittle doggy they have all dus l? of sizes, styles. my daughter carries this arounry you can keep a lot of thing in herith f d> eeas havin ly. >> it's so cute though. >> and candy is alwaok. lifnd out what thehes favorite treat is. just thoughtful and creativith >> i le pe the nut farte t >> they have great candy. >> 25 yearep, i thi and e. and local which we le pith and then a couple things. the mer meptd mhesror, which i thes.will that a lit lover. and a great frame that can be pereponalized. >> terrific ideas. great ideas. buy locaaree erelp these businesses. >> absolutely. >> all right. stay with ths. thanhinyou. >> thank you so much. >> more news coming think n.
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9:58 am
f d> maybe a ffound a better chance for snow monday and tk a sday. tlo crcame from bare necessities. >> thank you. and we'll see, wou tonble now 6:00.
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